Can't connect to git provider

Hey all,

Just started using (well, attempting to use) Netlify. I’m wanting to connect to a Bitbucket repo.

I’ve clicked the button to Create a New Site. From there I am given 3 options - GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket. If I click Bitbucket (or GitLab) I get a red error message on the screen:
“You must specify a provider when calling netlify.authenticate”

If I try GitHub, I get a popup for authenticating, and then I get to step 2 - Pick a repository.

What am I missing? Why do I get an error right away when selecting Bitbucket?

Screenshot below:

Thanks in advance!

Hey there, thanks for your report! We clocked an issue which was preventing customers from linking to repos on GitLab and Bitbucket.

We’ve remediated the problem and updated our Statuspage to reflect the issue. Again, thanks for bringing this to our attention!