Can you specify billing information on a site by site basis

I have my Netlify account, but as a freelance developer I don’t want to be getting invoices from Netlify for my clients site.

  • So, can you specify billing details for each site on your Netlify account?
  • Or do I need to create a new Netlify account for each client?

Hi @mudlabs! Welcome to netlify community.

Good question! At this time, if you want certain sites you created to be billed to certain clients of yours, the best thing to do is have your customers create their own Netlify accounts so they can pay those bills directly.

We can help you transfer sites to these different accounts after they are set up.

That being said, if you want to bill your clients instead, the pricing breakdown by site is available on the Billing tab in the Netlify UI. It should be easy enough to identify which sites generate which charges straight from there. If you have specific questions about charges on that page please let us know.