".ca" domain is no longer accepted as a Custom Domain

I transferred domain providers from Namecheap to Google Domains last night. Since then Netlify will not let me use my .ca domain as a custom domain. It was working just fine before the switch. But now it is telling me “Currently another site is using this domain”. Can someone from your team help me verify that I am the owner of this domain? Thank you in advance!

You’d need to remove it from the other site before you can use it on the new site. Our service relies on a single hostname being applied to only a single site and will block you from “dual-applying it”, since we wouldn’t know which site to serve in that case.

If you can’t do that for some reason, please share details about why such as what hostname it is, so we can actually help you solve the problem, which we cannot do with any specificity, based on the lack of details in your report.

Thanks for your reply. The thing is, there is no other site. This is the same deployment connected to the same domain address that has been running without issue for over 2 years. The only change was the domain registrar from Namecheap to Google Domains. If there is some disconnect process that had to be done within Namecheap prior to transferring the registration unfortunately that ship has already sailed. From what I have read in these forums I need to verify manually with Netlify that I am still the owner of the same domain name that i was using before. What I had read was this can be done by adding a txt record.
If I am way off here please let me know. The last time I did this the process was smooth and lasted until I broke it with the domain registration transfer.
Please help!!!

Thanks everyone. I think I sorted it out on my own. All the best!

Hi @freez76 :wave:t6: ,

Thanks for coming back to the forums and letting us know you resolved your issue.