Build exceeded maximum allowed runtime netlify

I posted this error “Build exceeded maximum allowed runtime netlify”. My website uses Gatsby and wordpress. Before I built it on Gastby cloud, it took almost 2 hours to complete. Now I was suggested by Netlify to switch to using Netlify and I encountered this error. Please help me.

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thank you for writing in. Can you please try optimising your build as outlined in the support guide below? Also if you can share your site details such as ID/link that would be great!

This has 10000 products have meant very many images so deploy very long.
This is my old site deployed on gastby cloud On Gastby Cloud, there is a package that allows build time of up to 2 hours, but Netlify does not have it.The first time I deployed to Netlify I had the same error as above, so my website did not have a site link on Netlify.Thanks u this is my link site but deployed not success so 404 err

@AndyNguyen we’ve responded to your ticket in the helpdesk, if you have further questions feel free to follow-up there!

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