"Failed Build exceeded maximum allowed runtime" deploying default Gatsby-Ghost

Hi all,

I’ve followed this Ghost/Heruko/Github/Netlify integration Create a free JAMStack blog using Ghost, Heroku and Netlify | by Zing Zai | Medium

The build exceeds the 15min limit and fails.

It’s a default Ghost install, no changes were made besides in the above guide. I didn’t imagine it being that heavy to build longer than 15min… (increase build time request?) or is something else wrong/getting stuck?


Log dump: 9:00:30 PM: Build ready to start9:00:32 PM: build-image version: d7b3dbfb08465 - Pastebin.com


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…or is something else wrong/getting stuck?

Based on what I’m seeing, the answer is yes. There is a large time jump in logs:

9:01:51 PM: success Writing page-data.json files to public directory - 0.003s - 4/4 1329.18/s
9:36:30 PM: Build exceeded maximum allowed runtime

Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have enough information to troubleshoot yet. I suspect that if we can get a build to complete, we’ll get more information in the deploy logs and hopefully we’ll find something we can use.

To facilitate that, I’ve increased the build timeout on that site to 40 minutes. Could you re-deploy and see if the build completes now? Assuming it does, we should look at the logs again and see if we can determine what’s causing that timing issue.

Hi all,

has there been any progress/development regarding the problem of exceeded allowed runtime for the Ghost, Heroku, Netlify integration which is described in this blog?

I’m facing exactly the same issue: “Failed Build exceeded maximum allowed runtime” for the same tutorial.

Thanks for any hints

I don’t see anything in that blog with the quote you mentioned, so it’s impossible for me to speak to your comment around “that blog”. I guess you could ask its author if you want some feedback since of course that isn’t Netlify’s content and we don’t know it :slight_smile:

That error message has tons of possible reasons, please read this article around debugging your site build:

And if you can’t resolve it using the advice there, answer those three questions asked at the end, so we can help you debug further :slight_smile: