Gatsby build times, Deploy logs unavailable

I’m getting this error every time I build, after introducing “Gatsby v4”

“Deploy logs are currently unavailable. We are working on resolving the issue.”

In the deploy listing page, I am getting “Build exceeded maximum runtime”

I believe this is related to the high build times that others are experiencing with Gatsby and Netlify, especially with gatsby-image

hi there skarges,

two things are going on here - the issues with the deploy logs is a temporary one, which usually resolves itself within a short time without intervention. that said, i am able to see your deploy log, here:

secondly, it does seem like you don’t have a long enough built time limit to get a build going.

as you have a card on file, I just extended your build time to 1hr so you should be able to build successfully now. i am going to guess that after dependencies are cached, subsequent builds won’t be as lengthy as the first. let us know if things still dont work for some reason.

thanks perry!

I see that log now.

I just tried another build and it timed out again. Gonna try one more, in hopes that the cache helped? We will see.

Update here: I ended up just migrating my builds to Gatsby Cloud and deploying to Netlify.

As far as I can tell, building a site with a lot of images using Gatsby v4 just takes astronomically long on Netlify, and only a few minutes on Gatsby Cloud.