Build and spec differences between Pro and Business plans

Looking at the pricing plans and comparing the Pro and Business, the build minutes are the same between these two plans. Is that correct?

My second question is regarding the build performance between Pro and Business.

Are the specs of the build environment the same for both of these plans?

If both plans are using the “Standard” build specs, I’ve seen conflicting information whether the maximum amount of RAM is 3GB or 6GB.

The reason they matter is that our default build environment is small: we guarantee you only 3GByte of memory and 1 CPU.

In this screenshot it says up to 6GB:


Can someone from Netlify answer this?

Hey there, @almostravioli :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out, and welcome to the Netlify Forums! Apologies for the delay here.

To answer your question about build minutes, this will be changing towards the end of April. The updated Pro plan will have 25,000 build minutes, and the updated Business plan will have 35,000 build minutes. You can read more here: Upcoming changes to Netlify plans

Additionally, the guaranteed 3GB you see in the Support Guide is correct. I have surfaced this feedback to the team so that we can work on making this a bit clearer.

Let us know if you have further questions!

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Thanks for your reply @hillary.

Is the only way to increase the memory of the build environment by upgrading to the Enterprise plan i.e. going from Pro to Business will not change this?

Hi @almostravioli and thanks again for pointing out the apparent discrepancy in our various documentation! I run the Support team at Netlify and wanted to make sure you knew that our leadership did discuss your feedback in detail.

As far as immediate repairs, I’ve updated our support guide to be as clear as I can about the “3Gb guaranteed, up to 6Gb occasionally possible do not rely on this please or you will be sad”. I think the pricing page is still true - sometimes you get up to 6Gb - so I have not requested that our marketing team update it, though they may choose to do so as we’ve discussed the situation with them deeply based on your feedback.

To answer your most recent question, yes, there is no memory increase for builds unless/until you are on the Enterprise plan and you purchase our High-Performance Builds add-on for that plan; in that case you do get 36Gb/8cpu’s guaranteed for each build. What we can change at any plan level Pro or above, is the amount of time available for your build before we assume it got stuck and end it for you, in case your build works well but somewhat slowly, in the smaller build environment.

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