Bing indexed a scrambled version (wrong encoding?)

(This is not a question about SEO or how to improve indexing)

It’s a new website , it uses Hugo and Netlify. And Bing indexed it in a very odd way:

What could explain that result?

It was never published outside of Netlify. The website work normally, and is correctly indexed by Google.

Is it a bug with Netlify when the Bing crawler fetch a page ?
Is it a problem specific to my website ?
Is it a bug in the Bing crawler ?

I have also used the Bing Webmaster Console and submitted the sitemap:

The Bing Crawler also indicate a missing Title tag, which tends to indicate it didn’t get the correct html:

Hi @tdelmas,

I believe it’s worth contacting Bing about the issue as we can’t comment on why Bing is displaying incorrect data. As you have checked, Google is working fine and we’re serving the page that you’ve uploaded which doesn’t contain such data.

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Thank you @hrishikesh . The other possible explanations that I had in mind were a possible bug in the (de)compression in Netlify or Bing side, as Netlify handle gzip, deflate and br :slight_smile:

I will try to contact Bing and to do more tests.

That’s a valid possibility, but doesn’t explain why only Bing sees the issue. If they have some additional data that could help us investigate or need any information to help them check, we’re happy to help.

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Hey @tdelmas

While Google seems to show normal text DuckDuckGo show jumbled text like Bing. With the two pages in the screen you provided, part of the issue is possible due to missing content <meta> description tag

<meta name="description" content="">

While the homepage does have content in the meta description

<meta name="description" content="Association d'auto-réparation de vélos">

none of the other pages I looked at do. Google also doesn’t use this description in search results, rather it shows text from the page.

@coelmay I think the empty meta description is not responsible, when looking closely to the Bing report you can see that Bing doesn’t see any tags, no even the title:

So all the html is probably scrambled…

Still no response from Bing. But I found the cache version :

You have reached the cached page for
Below is a snapshot of the Web page as it appeared on 14/03/2022 (the last time our crawler visited it). This is the version of the page that was used for ranking your search results. The page may have changed since we last cached it. To see what might have changed (without the highlights), go to the current page.
Bing is not responsible for the content of this page.
‹åWÍrÛ6¾û)PÚCþëÇ.¥ÉÏ´ÍÁ™dÄÞ´Y) wóK#ª¡íQE$ˆIþ…gÁä,¿ `<*®’¹X‰Ï•vb-õw¥<Íd~ÝWKw±ÂÔ4 qìöƒþ㚃—©¨Ö÷eº¡†B™ÔŠ-°/*ºæÚ¿8¿<óӛ˗oޝÿðîâòâýïC³Æˆ–ÒÔ§{ÛŠpùPa‚­WM7#FU¼n÷·ìo:ÎE„áÕ®ôú@±ð5t—¯{ *oo:ÒÀÄþCÐàýóuî"Ûîë–C|¸áþ¥Y>fø7çvê7a3Ófhò_¿ÿöçÁõ6‘<{2oñòIkvš©Þƒi.ÆÕ]¦¸ê¿ãèÜn·ÞŠ2žIyå1Yù]|¸ð„„ãÚN—Ve­Æ^á6ö¤ZûQ>p`äæ %àA.Ö…qk;y¼8@Šdi+QvªkHgm”¼‚ŽÇZe })K;\8*ÙÉÜ`@àŒ6`×ùùƒõžÞ#j‡¬nð";|Ü€çFµ1˜c\ÚPS |_‡s$¦4AöÕ&~5Û$E¼™É†Ì‹¸IRäýŒ†(ìøà—„Eü Š„o…A³X%à0msr?tþµÁ>0þîÚ™¡gŸÝAhÔ«QŒbÞ)êÃHì… ½IŒ/™»‡sùÌ›OQ¼ Ÿ÷tŠÜÓy˜5IÐ)„G"Co 2º§:C³›QaTË›ÐÄ› ûuÒ½`N¼yü|æÍ"Ô=::²F~nü¤>•¾×ù® ìFq˜Ž‡Õ¦+]b¡¾ñî¡ð<Ú:íνÞY„neõûn®;ü…:´©;Æ *aw°oôxPåS^5¿Ôa˜òº úþå°÷¥šˆ³ë䮏﷒һtÀrœ{÷‚lP¸7#[ìŸã¿\›Ü­,

Indexed a month ago. (that website was never published outside netlify)

I think we still need Bing to confirm what exactly caused Bing to read the website that way, especially since no one else (apart from DuckDuckGo) is seeing this.

At this point, we don’t know what exactly to check for, as we haven’t received such a complaint before, and I don’t recall a single instance in which we served such a file. Even if we did, what are the odds that Bing decided to index a scrambled version of the page instead of the working version that has been available all other times.


I think that will stay a mystery!

Bing has now successfully indexed the home page, hopefully it will correctly index pages now…

Thank you for all your answers :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for coming back and sharing this with the Forums! Happy building :rocket: