Page couldn't be fetched

Hi All,

I’m trying to figure out why for my recently published website, Google Search Console continues to return a “page cannot be fetched” when the XML sitemap is added into the console.

The document loads without issue and well-formed. It is also read successfully by other sources e.g. Bing Webmaster tool or crawling tools that could parse it.

It might be a problem with Google, but at the same time since this is an ongoing issue since I published the site at in March, I wonder if there is not much more behind it.

Any help to debug?

If Bing and other tools can access/load it without issue, then it definitely sounds like a Google issue.

Perhaps the Google Search Central Community may provide more relevant assistance.

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I’ve been working with GSC and tons of site everyday and I’ve not problems other than with my personal site hosted on Netlify, that’s why I raised the ticket here, in the hope some engineer could have a look?

Because the funny thing is that the corresponding English version at is read absolutely fine.

The fact that you stated this above gave me reason to suggest it was a Google-specific issue.

There are multiple versions? This you did not mention previously.

There are two separate sites in fact, separate build, but same source code. It pushes localised version of each of my site.
For one the file is read ok, for the other since the original site publication, I’ve this constant error.

This is not a Netlify issue. For the mentioned domain, in the past 30 days, we can see over 400 requests from Googlebot user agent. These 400 requests exclude the requests made to your robots.txt.

Out of these 400, about 113 requests have a 200 status code. The top 10 URLs with status 200 being:

Thanks for checking. I’m not saying the whole site has issue. I am just having issue with one specific file. The sitemap.xml in the root of the domain.
Can you check out what the logs suggest for that, please?

Based on our logs, Google has requested this page:, (it contains the string sitemap) twice in the past 30 days but not sitemap.xml directly.