XML sitemap 404 error

I get this message in google but not bing

Google search console says:
Sitemap could not be read
General HTTP error
HTTP Error: 404

I have waited over a few weeks and also resubmitted but it keeps coming back with this message
Is google being blocked in someway?

@digital.search This may not be your issue, but here’s a recent-ish response from Netlify on what appears to be the same topic:

Thanks I have tried to raise with google and they have a related thread here :

Is there anything I can do to check google bot is not getting challenged or redirected in some way?
I can’t see any 301 redirects or similar if I try in a browser but this would not be emulating google bot user agent
Is log information available in some way on a free account

I am a newbie at netfly and just trying a few things as a test site.
It should be set up with the defaults under a free account so I would not have done any advance config or changes.


If by challenged, you mean blocked or presented with a Captcha, I can confirm that Netlify doesn’t apply any such kinds of blocks.

Checking our internal logs, I can see that Googlebot UA was able to receive a 200 status code for over 20 times in the past week. Now I don’t know if that was someone spoofing the UA or Google itself.