Dns error when accesing xml sitemap

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site name : tryseo.fun https://digital-search.netlify.app/

Updated original post:

With a custom domain I still get issues with google not being able to request the siteamap.xml

Bing is working

Any help would be apprecated

Hi, I am getting a error when submitting in google “not found”


I have updated some of the headers in the toml to make sure its giving a 200 and the cache control and the application type is correct. It was giving a 304 status and application/text rather than xml so used the toml headers to fix that

Hi @digital.search

I can access the sitemap.xml file in the browser, and using cURL. If Bing can access it also, and Google cannot, this is not a Netlify issue, it is a Google issue.

You might like to ask Google about it

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