My site cannot be indexed by Google Search Console

The Google Support Center asked if it was a hosting issue and I’ve already posted a question there.

My site is:
Netlify URL:

My sitemap and Google Search Console can’t access each other. There is a robots.txt file that should allow indexing. My site can be indexed by both DuckDuckGo and Bing. Through Netlify, I have the DNS set up. It’s really just a puzzle to me - I didn’t expect Google’s Crawler to have any trouble with a static site.

It also can’t be reached by Google’s Mobile Friendly Tester:

Any help or ideas to troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Could you share more details on what you mean by “can’t access eachother”? We never “try” to “access” google from our side, so this description is confusing at best.

What would be most helpful is a set of reproduction steps we can follow to see the problem. Could you share that with us so we can understand in more detail where any netlify-related breakdown may be?

Thanks in advance for the help in troubleshooting!