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Googlebot cannot access site

I have an issue getting search engine crawlers to crawl my site. I have added an external domain name (rotisuunnittelu.fi). The domain appears to be accessible, but Google’s tools report it’s not accessible to them.

I contacted Google about this, and they told me to check any security settings that might prevent them from accessing the site (at least I haven’t enabled any) and to contact my hosting provider.

Name of the netlify service is tender-minsky-67648b
Not using Netlify’s DNS

Hi @wizzor,

I loaded your website as Googlebot, and the page loads fine:

If Google is not able to see the page, we’d need additional logs as to what the error is exactly to check this. Without that, we can only spoof our UAs to check and they seem to work fine.

Does Test your robots.txt with the robots.txt Tester - Search Console Help show anything wrong?