Netlify site not being crawled by Google

Hi there,

The site is

Currently it’s not searchable on Google, we thought that it may have been that our SSL certificate hadn’t been provisioned yet but we’ve got that done, waited a week or two and still are not searchable on google. Wondering if Netlify is able to provide any support?

Some other context, we’ve changed the robot.txt file to make sure it is able to be crawled, it is a React App, it is using a Google Domain, our DNS certificates are correctly in place. We are unsure what to look at next, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your support, we hop we’ve provided enough context here.

I believe this is a much better question asked of the Goggle Search Central Community

Hi, @aabenedict. Did you submit your site for indexing at Google? If so, how long ago did you do so?

Hi Luke,

No I haven’t, is that done through the Google Search Console?


Yes in the search console, here is some documentation on this.