Google can't fetch my sitemap

Google search console says “couldn’t fetch” sitemap. It happened on another netlify website and I was stuck during 6 months. Is there a problem or something I should know about netlify and google search console?


PS: very important issue, people can’t find my blog

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hi there nicolas,

how are you creating the sitemap? are you using the netlfy sitemap plugin?

No, I have an 11ty and Alpine blog: the sitemap is created by 11ty. I checked it and it’s valid.

Hi @NicolasK,

This is a known issue with Google Search Console. Google doesn’t provide any logs about this and for random reasons keeps saying couldn’t fetch sitemap. If you wish, you can try to contact Google about this, but as long as your sitemap is working, which I can see it is, the issue is on Google’s side.

I’ve experienced this myself on few of my sites and all I could do is wait indefinitely until Google decided to check my sitemap again and saw that it was working.

This is awful news. I waited 6 months on my previous site and it still was in “couldn’t fetch”.

Deployed on Vercel: sitemap success was instantaneous. I don’t understand this problem which has a big impact.

I am facing the same, my sitemap is static xml file kept here , I don’t know google hasn’t detected it for 3 years.

It’s worth contacting Google for this than Netlify.

I’m facing the same issue, and I guess it is because the Content-Type is text/plain, not application/xml.

Hi @Xiao2Yan,

Without a site name or URL to check, there’s nothing we can do/check about your complaint.

Is there any update on this? I got a accesible sitemap that google search console can’t fetch