Question about cache or other domain-related issues

Hi everyone,

I’m facing an issue with my site hosted on Netlify and hope to find some clarification here.

I recently updated the main branch of my project with new SEO settings. When I perform a Screaming Frog crawl or Google crawl on the home page of the pointed domain, I don’t see the updated info. However, if I do it on the Netlify URL (, everything appears correct.

Specifically, if I use Screaming Frog on, I see the home page canonicalized and in ENGLISH. But if I do it on, I see the home page canonicalized (this is correct because the canonical goes to gopleyers) and in ITALIAN, which is correct.

So, it seems like something outdated is being served. I even tried rebuilding and clearing the cache, but nothing changed.

Any suggestions are precious.

Thanks and kind regards;

Hi, we had some issues with cache earlier this week. This should have since resolved. Please reach out if you are still experiencing issue and I can take a second look.