Billing issue error

Hi, I keep getting this message even though I’m using a free service and I haven’t exceeded the building requirements. I am not supposed to pay let alone provide a credit card, can you help me?

Please provide a valid credit card for Artalia to maintain your service

We’d like to remind you that the billing cycle for your account ended recently. Your sites will be suspended in 14 days. To process your payment and keep your sites up and running, please provide a valid credit card for Artalia immediately.

@Sebastiencst The starter plan is “free to get started” not “free regardless of usage”, and there are various metrics which can cause you to need to pay, (those features/overages are outlined on the pricing page).

Netlify’s staff should be able to determine why your account needs a payment method added.

Hi @Sebastiencst thanks for reaching out. I escalated your query to our helpdesk.

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