Billed for analytics after cancellation

Today I cancelled the analytics service for my site, but then a few hours later I was billed for a whole new cycle. I suppose that the new billing cycle may have already been started when I cancelled and it took some time for the charge to be processed. Nevertheless, is there anything that can be done about that?

Hi @cotheo

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Yes, this does appear to be a case of bad timing. I just refunded the $9 you were billed today for Analytics. You should see it on your bank statement in 1-3 days.

I also checked our billing system and confirmed that Analytics have been cancelled successfully so there should be no additional charges (unless you re-enable analytics of course). Please let us know right away if that’s not the case!

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In fact, I did just receive another additional invoice for Analytics.

Hi @cotheo i escalated this to our help desk to look into this. We will follow up via email soon.

Hi @elden ,

thanks for trying to help out. Unfortunately, I must report that today I was charged once more. I’ve now been charged to my card three times so far since Feb. 7.; precisely once each day except for yesterday. Can you please check again what is going on?

Hi @cotheo

I truly apologize about this. We’ll need to investigate further to figure out why this keeps happening. I’m re-opening your help desk ticket and we’ll keep you updated there.


Hi @cotheo this has been resolved in our helpdesk. Thanks so much for your patience.