Account suspended, no warning given. Invoiced for add on I don’t have

Just to clarify, you:

  • blocked my account (sometime on 26th July)
  • didn’t tell me you had
  • when I raised a ticket because my domain wouldn’t resolve you “thank me for my explanation” and unblock my account (still no reason)
  • invoiced me for an analytics plan when I don’t use one (so you now owe me $9 and I would suggest some compensation and an apology for defrauding me)

I’ve now had via email, my account unblocked and an “explanation” given that doesn’t add up. Saying I triggered auto anti abuse process but can’t be clear what I did to get blocked nor what has changed in my “behaviour” or “trustworthiness” to merit a block. And you mention IP too - like peoples IP addresses are static and never change…

Incredibly angry about how you’re treating me and, by the looks of this forum, lots of other customers.

I have now deleted my payment method for now as you cannot be trusted to be honest and not be fraudulent.

Looks like you’ve both enabled analytics when you unblocked my account, triggering a charge. But also not even given me the functionality you fraudulently charged me for.

This appears to be resolved in the helpdesk.

Yes someone replied today and said they had initiated a refund, and I got the automated emails for those. Will take a few days for the refunds to come in.

However I would still like a formal complaint raised about being suspended in the first place.

Also, it still shows as if I have Analytics enabled I’d I look under billing:

But under Activity settings, it rightly shows as not enabled:

My worry is that I’ll get charged again next month (or more likely, because I’ve deleted my payment method, I will get suspended for non payment of a service I haven’t subscribed to…