Auto publishing is not triggering (gatsbyjs + github)


Auto publishing isn’t working for me. I am not sure what has changed.

  • I have checked GitHub and the Netlify application is installed and has access to the matching repo.
  • It is configured to deploy only the production branch (master).
  • I push directly to the master branch and there aren’t any pull requests.
  • There aren’t any build hooks configured on Netlify - not sure if this has an impact.
  • Auto publishing is turned on.

I’m racking my brain what is going wrong? Also, how to debug this? :slight_smile:
Manual deploys are still working. Any ideas?

As far as I can tell we’ve never managed to link the GitHub app up with that site.

Could you try re-linking the repo? Start here:

If that doesn’t work, I’d check the settings at GH to see if the app was approved for use in your account. I can’t send you to a direct page, but you should be able to click “configure” from this page on the netlify app (or approve if it shows waiting for approval):

…and send me this screenshot from your settings page for our app: