Auto pro plan renewal ? Cant remove my bank card.?

Hi Netlify,

This morning, I had the unpleasant surprise to see that money has been taken out of my account for the renewal of a pro plan. No prior warning or email reminder…

Most companies are sending reminder emails days/weeks prior an automatic renewal, wondering if you could do something a refund for this case as I do not need this plan anymore which my website on this plan passive since ı try it.

Also seriosuly guys ı worked with alot of different company.
Which ı still work.
As developer we dont chase our bank cards.

When ı check pro plan ı am not able to remove my bank card.
Also no reminder about auto subscription and no choice about choosing continue with it or not.

Anyway as result ı demand money return and ı want to remove my bank card.


Hey there, @hannus :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out. I have forwarded your concerns to our Support Engineers, and you will hear back via email. This is in order to protect any private financial and account information. Please stay tuned your email associated with your Forums account!