Can’t remove credit card


I am unable to remove my credit card from billing section. Kindly please let me know how to remove it.

With regard,
Manmeet Singh

We can remove it for you, Manmeet. Could you please tell us something about your netlify site or account so I can find your account to make an update? The email address you signed up here with does not match any accounts in our system.

One of my netlfiy site is:
I just updated my current email with netlify account. So, You can easily find my account.

I am waiting for your response,

Manmeet Singh

Thanks, tis removed!

Thank you so much :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi ,
I have added my credit card details on site but now it is not showing any option to delete my payment details. Could you please delete it ?
Awaiting for your response.


Hey there, @AshwiniBhadale1992 :wave:

Can you please share your site name so that we know what site this is regarding? Thanks!

Hey Hi Hillary,
My site is


Hey @AshwiniBhadale1992,

it has been removed.

Great Thank you so much.

I am also not able to remove my credit card. Because of that not able to buy new domain.

Hey there, @Nagaraj0351 :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! I have followed up on the following thread to assist you further:

In the future, we ask that you limit support requests on related topics to one thread. This will help us streamline our help and get you on the right track as quickly as possible. Thanks!

I am unable to remove my credit card. Could you please delete it so that I can add new credit card info?

hi there, can you tell us a site name or API ID of a site or team name please so we can identify you? thanks.

Hi, here are the details.

Team name: farhana3996

Hi there, Im hoping to remove my credit card information from my account as well. Could I please get that done, with a confirmation? Thank you!

(Team name is “tedlee21’s team”)

Hey there, @tedlee :wave:

We have opened a helpdesk ticket on your behalf-- this means you will receive an email response about this topic. Stay tuned to your inbox! Thanks!

I received an email from the help desk, but it seems to just be linking me back to this forum topic, and my card has not been removed. Am I still waiting for a different email?
Sorry to post again, thank you!

hi, my credit card details haven’t been removed yet. My domain is expiring today, so I need to add new card info.

Just following up- my card details have not been removed either and I have not yet received an email from a support agent. Hoping I can get this done soon please. Thank you