Auto Build & Publish without bringing the site down

Hey community,

I am not sure if this question has been asked before. I could not find anything similar with search. So here is the scenario that I am facing with our website:

1. Website is built using react & react-static
2. The content is pulled from Contentful during the build process 
to generate the static pages
3. Whenever someone publishes new content, the webhook initiates 
a new build/deploy
4. We have disabled auto publish; so, someone has to publish the 
latest successful deploy/build manually

The content team would like to enable auto publish but we have noticed in the past that whenever a build is triggered the site is not accessible. Hence, I disable auto publish.

I was wondering if the Netlify team or someone else who has faced this issue can suggest solution. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!

Hey Salman,

While a build is running, the previously published version of your site should remain accessible. I am curious to know if anyone else has come across this issue before.

I would say this was a coincidence of there being a network problem or some other issue, I have NEVER seen this on Netlify builds and willing to bet it is impossible the way the atomic deploys work to the CDN.

@Salman To put yourself at ease, I would create a test site with a fairly good build time (maybe a gatsby build of a default starter) and once the site is up run a build and hit the site over and over from different places while the build is going.

Even if one edge server was down, the load balancer would quickly switch you to the next closest available.


yes, it seems, it was just a coincidence. I tested it few times in the last few days and haven’t noticed this issue.

Thank you!