My changes do not get deployed with auto-publishing turned off when I trigger deployment manually

I’m trying to get my site to work without Netlify Auto-publishing turned on but whenever I turn off auto-publishing and trigger the build manually none of the changes are deployed.

The changes show up in my git repo but are never deployed to the site unless I turn auto-publishing back on. I tried deploying with a GitHub Action as well as through the Netlify Dashboard and I have tried both the standard deploy as well as the “clear cache and deploy”.

Here is the repo I am referring to…

The change I made that is not getting deployed is on in the Headline I removed all the explanation points but they are still there on

I want auto-publishing turned off because Forestry refuses to implement a way to toggle the whole site into a staging/draft mode so I feel like this is my only option but if there is a better way you know of please let me know.



hey chris, thanks for your patience. we are a bit understaffed this week which is why we haven’t replied. we will follow up with you as soon as we can :+1:

Hey Chris and sorry to be slow to get back to you! Could you link us to a deploy (its logs page in our UI) where you don’t see the updated contents, and let us know specifically what asset (URL) you’d expect to be updated in that deploy that you are seeing an old version of? That way we should be able to diagnose the problem :slight_smile:

Here is the link to the deploy log I was referring to…

I was just testing it by adding/removing a bunch of explanation points to the heading on the About page.

I have since given up on this site but I figure you might still want to diagnose the problem.

On the new version of the site I can’t seem to get my GitHub action to trigger the build at all but I haven’t fully troubleshooted the problem yet. I will probably end up posting something in your Features Topic if someone hasn’t already, requesting that you guys add a way within Netlify to easily setup a cron job schedule to automatically trigger builds every so often without the need to create a GitHub action or anything else along those lines. Because I have had nothing but trouble when I try it that way and think it would be way better if there was something within my Netlify Dashboard to handle this for me.

Update: Apparently somebody has already requested this, so I just added a couple comments and clicked the heard on the original post which can be found here…

Scheduling builds and deploys with Netlify

This would solve all my problems, please considering implementing this ASAP.


Hey @cmarabate,

I’ve just seen your post within the cron-like feature request. Your voice has been added to the request and, as I said over there, we’ll be sure to let you know if and when this is implemented.