Are there multi-select fields?

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Hi there,

I am building a website using 11ty and Netlify CMS. I have a basic blog collection defined in the CMS. My blog looks like so:

  - label: "Blog Post"
    name: "blog"
    folder: "src/articles/posts"
    create: true
    slug: "{{year}}-{{month}}-{{day}}-{{slug}}"
      - { label: 'Layout', name: 'layout', widget: 'hidden', default: 'layouts/article.njk' }
      - { label: "Title", name: "title", widget: "string" }
      - { label: "Description", name: "description", widget: "string" }
      - { label: "Author", name: "author", widget: "hidden", default: ["Rosie Walker"] }
      - { label: "Date", name: "date", widget: "datetime" }
      - { label: "Featured Image", name: "featuredImage", widget: "image" }
      - { label: "Alt text", name: "imageAlt", widget: "string" }
      - { label: "Featured", name: "featured", widget: "boolean", default: false }
      - { label: "Category", name: "category", widget: "select", options: ["Nutrition", "Fitness", "Lifestyle"] }
      - { label: "Tags", name: "tags", widget: "list", allow_add: true, allow_delete: true, default: ["post"] }
      - { label: 'Excerpt', name: 'excerpt', widget: 'markdown', required: true }
      - *META

My 11ty front matter comes out fine. At the moment a user can select a category via a select, but really I want that as a tag. Is there anyway in netlify CMS where I can give my user a multiple select field so they can select from three categories (but that be the tag field) and also set the default tag to post? That way I can build up the tags based on their input rather than trying to find ways to manipulate the front matter once it’s created by the CMS.

In an ideal world I would want my tags: front matter to end up looking like:

  - post
  - category name
  - featured


Previously I had used a list widget and allowed the user to simple type tags, which is the simplist and most straight forward solution, but it can be prone to errors on their part where how I have setup the fields above, is much more bullet proof, but the downside is category and featured are no longer being added as tags.

Hiya @vdecree :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the forums and thanks so much for reaching out. Please see the post below:

I encourage you to reach out to Decap and check out their documentation.