Diverrend naming collection for featured image


Is it possible to create a custom collection featured image?
Wat I want is this.

  1. featuredImagePosts
  2. featuredImageNews

Now if I load featuredImage eleventy returns all featured images. Is it possible to categorize this in two groups?


@netuser Is this a question concerning the Netlify CMS?

If so there’s a netlify-cms tag you can use.

Hi Nathanmartin,

Thanks for you’re reply.
Yes it is a netlify cms question.
I know I can use a tag for this, but because netlify automatic generates featured images from posts, I was wundering if it is possible to customize this in categories.

Is that possible?

Netlify CMS is now Decap CMS @netuser

While there are some here who have a wealth of knowledge, you may find more/better support in the Decap CMS community

Netlify and Netlify CMS aren’t the same thing, so when you use the name of one in place of the other it causes confusion.

Hopefully the Decap community can get you sorted out.