How do you add multiple tags to a post in Netlify CMS?

Site is It’s a personal to-do list, built in Eleventy. Eleventy uses “front matter” to add tags to posts on the site. If you are typing the post in a text editor, tags look like:


  • a tag
  • different tag
  • etc.

Netlify CMS has a single text field for adding tags. I can esily add one tag, but don’t know how to add more than one.

Adding commas between tags doesn’t work, the field “erases” them. I can add semi-colons but the field doesn’t seem to understand that I want those to be delimiters; it just makes a loong tag with semi-colons in it. Hitting return doesn’t seem to do anything.

Is it possible to add multiple tags when in Netlify CMS?

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