Select tag data not collected via forms

I have a form which include select tag among other regular input tags.

my problem is : I’m not getting the data in this select tag when the form is submitted.

this is the link for my form :

data in all fields are collected and received except of " choose flooring type" select tag.

the name of the form is unique in addition to all elements in select tag.

form name=“get-quote” action=“POST” data-netlify=“true”>

Any idea why I’m not getting the data for this tag??

Your help and support is appreciated.


Your live form at the link you posted is missing the data-netlify="true" attribute.

Thanks Tomrutgers. In fact , it is there in my code but have no idea why its not showing up when view source code for the page. I’m already collecting all data except the one for select tag. I put name attributes for all options under select tag but still not getting the option selected by users.

That might mean your build is failing. Try checking the deploy logs or build your site locally to see what’s wrong.

HeyTom. I will do re-build again after changing form name attribute. I just remembered that the same form was used before in other page with the same name attribute for both pages before I change the name and add two more fields to the form. I shall do it later on and update results here if I succeed or figure out what was the problem.

Thanks dear , appreciate your time.


Update about the issue I reported couple of days ago.

There is a progress but the problem was not solved yet. I have removed the form completely from the page and redeployed the page. After the page went live , I updated the code and restore the form with new name.

I’m capturing all tags now but for select tag , I’m getting an empty field , there is no data , just get the name of select field.

here is a sample from the data i get after this update

Full Name: ( this is ok )

bill gates

City: ( this is ok )

New yourk

Email: ( this is ok )

Phonenumber: ( this is ok )


Flooring Type: ( here is the problem , I get empty field ) the user selection is not cought by netlify form :frowning:

Qauntity: ( this is ok)


Message: ( this is ok)

This is a test form

Any help is appreciated .


I’ve taken the code from the link you previously provided:

<select name="flooring-type[]:" required="">
  <option value="" disabled="" selected="">Choose Flooring type</option>
  <option value="Laminate flooring" name="laminate">Laminate flooring</option>
  <option name="hardwood" value="Hardwood">Hardwood</option>
  <option name="SPC" value="SPC">SPC</option>
  <option name="LVT" value="LVT">LVT</option>
  <option name="skirting" value="Skirting">Skirting</option>

Try getting rid of the : of the selects name: name="flooring-type[]:". You should also remove the names for the options since it’s not valid html (anymore).

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Yesss - worked now !!

Thanks Tom for your help and support.

Best Regards,

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