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Can't get submitted forms data

My website has two forms that collect data using the attribute “netlify” in form tag.
But it is unfortunate that I didn’t get any data of the forms from today. I add a screen shot of the netlify form dashboard.

You can get my code sources-GitHub - farhanjawad/quransonnah: It is one of my volunteer work
I am waiting to hear from you.

Welcome to the forums @Abdul_Mohaime_Saad

The form on your front page does not have a name attribute.

<form action="/success.html" method="post" class="php-email-form" netlify>

unlike that on Record/index.html which does:

<form name="record" ...>

Edit: Additionally, there is an

Uncaught TypeError: thisForm.querySelector(...) is null

in /assets/vendor/php-email-form/validate.js which is stopping data being submitted even when the form does have a name.