Is this project dead?

I asked about the future of this project on Github, and Erez responded but he’s not with your company any longer. What is the future of netlify-cms? · Discussion #6503 · netlify/netlify-cms · GitHub
The right end of this graph shows no changes for a while:
Code frequency · netlify/netlify-cms · GitHub

The most recent merged pull request was almost two months ago, and 44 have now piled up. There are 686 open issues, with many over five years old. Beta features do not graduate. The parent widget is stuck in labs. After @erquhart left Netlify, the velocity of the CMS slowed significantly, and has now reached 0. Does Netlify have a plan in place to resuscitate it? Should the community fork and manage it without you?


Hey there, @Brian_MacKinney :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out about this. I have sent your question directly to the product team so that we can get better clarity for you. We will follow up here as soon as we have an update!

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No responses, no plan. It’s time for a fork.

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@hillary @krider2010 is there going to be an update? It’s been over three weeks since my initial question on GitHub.

Hey there, @Brian_MacKinney :wave:

Thanks for following up here, I recognize that this is important and timely for you. Unfortunately, I am simply the messenger here! I have asked our Product team for updates and will follow up with you directly when I have any details.

Thanks in advance for your patience.

It’s simply difficult to imagine why the questions I asked here and on GitHub take more than a day for them to answer.

Hey Brian,

I am sorry to say that our Support and Forums teams cannot provide the answer you request. If our Support and Forums team could answer those questions ourselves, we would have answered already.

I hope it is clear from the lack of quick answer that there isn’t an easy direct answer, so I’d like to ask for your patience as our larger team discusses this future and gets back to you with an answer from a leader, rather than a technical support answer, which is what we’re able to provide authoritatively. Technical support answer? You’re on your own anyway; we mention this lack of support, right in our scope of support: Netlify Scope of Support and have for several years. You are welcome to use and extend the CMS all you like; the license explicitly allows for this. Fork Away!

What I can tell you is this: Netlify has not directly led the development on the CMS for some time; it has been community-led for well over a year. We still contribute when we can, and as you can see, the code is still available. On the cms’ own web page, we point you to community support: Community | Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System

Thank you for your patience while our several authoritative stakeholders - nobody involved in this thread including me - come up with a plan.

If you can’t wait any longer for a plan, I suggest you investigate using another CMS. Many CMS’s work well with netlify. While we use our own CMS, we also use Sanity and Forestry and both are great products. Many of our customers also use Contentful, if you are looking for something more commercial.

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I realized all of that, and my last reply was intended to be relayed to the product team, since it is apparent no one is monitoring GitHub. No answer is an answer, here and there.

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Hey there, @Brian_MacKinney :wave:

We have relayed all of your responses to the Product team! While it may not speed up the decision, they are aware of your sentiments.

Hey Brian - thank you for the feedback, and appreciate your patience, I know it’s frustrating not hearing directly from the product team.

We are still looking at the right path for Netlify CMS, but the way our engineering efforts are currently aligned means that we mostly rely on community contributions and support for the project to stay up-to-date. We will update the folks using Netlify CMS as soon as possible once we determine the right path forward, but in the meantime you are free to use the product in its current state or fork it and tweak it to adjust to your scenarios (the beauty of open-source is that anyone can do it at any point).

Let us know if we can provide more context!

Thanks for the response. When Erez was around, relying on community contributions meant nothing much changed. No one was driving development or shepherding the new UX project, moving features out of beta, etc. The issue with relying on community contributions at this point is you’re not paying attention to those contributions, and no one has been identified as capable of reviewing or merging pull requests.

I did fork the project, and dependabot immediately alerted me to security vulnerabilities. Here’s the count by severity.


45,385 Repositories depend on netlify/netlify-cms