Is this project dead?

So little update on this. I did more research on how the CMS works and while I don’t think it’s worth re-creating the editorial workflow logic, the very basics of it are actually incredibly simple. So I’ll see how far I can actually get this proof of concept to go in the next couple of weeks :person_shrugging:

@bmatthews Have you considered moving off of Netlify and hosting those sites on V3rcel? Have a similar setup but we only pay for the Pro plan which just 20$ a month.

@creativiii I had not, but am now thanks!

So for your Pro plan, you can trigger builds on Vercel using netlifycms with any number of git contributors without extra charges?

No doubt currently Netlify is underrated but soon it is on internet with more that wordpress. This is best CMS ultra lightweight and also very speedy no need of hosting too. Best best best.

As far as I’m aware there is no limit to how many git contributors you can have, but please make sure before you jump ship!

Hey Leonardo, do I understand right that you are working on a fork? If yes, how can one join?

Very keen to see what the long-term plan is here. I love using Netlify CMS but feel uneasy at the moment with the lack of progress.


Just adding my piece here as well, if not for Netlify CMS, I - and the company I work for - would not be a Netlify customer right now (and most likely won’t be anymore if we end up switching to another CMS). It would be a shame to see a project with such potential go to waste…

Either way, a clear answer on Netlify’s decision would be very much appreciated at this point and allow us - the community - to make plans for the future (whether it be a fork, a new project, or just moving on to another inferior existing product).

Thanks in advance!


Just adding my viewpoint here. I would love to see this project blossoming again. if not for Netlify CMS, I would not be a Netlify customer (likely won’t be anymore if we end up switching to another CMS).

I always viewed Netlify as a pioneer in Jamstack. But the sunsetting of this project is somehow eroding that belief.

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I can only agree with the previous speakers. The future of Netlify CMS is very important to me, as I want to develop website projects in the future exclusively gitbased without the complexity of server-side hosting or a database.

Where do we go from here with this project? We are all waiting for feedback from Netlify. Is it possible that the project will simply be discontinued and numerous projects will face rebuilding? I would feel that way and in that case I offer my help to work together on a further development.

I have built a complex, mulitlanguage page builder that allows you to create a page using Nuxt/Vue virtually entirely through Netlify. There are some things that are still missing in Netlify and I am happy to invest ideas and manpower. I just can’t take over the management of the project, unfortunately, I don’t have the time for that.

I’d even rather Netlify would come forward and create a new version from the current beta anyway. That would be a sign for a right direction.

This fork looks interesting: Static CMS | Open-Source Content Management System , StaticJsCMS/static-cms

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Well… this is a mildly depressing thread.

I’ve been periodically building up a PR to fix some bad perf issues, then came here because i finally noticed there hasn’t been a commit to master in almost five months.

it would be great to at least have someone monitoring new PRs, as “relying on user contributions” feels meaningless unless someone is… reviewing and merging PRs.

An update would be great. Netlify CMS is an amazing tool and i’ve enjoyed contributing to it. it still has a ton of potential.

Just to call out a few open PRs that could use some reviews:


Thanks for sharing that @geotrev. I understand it may be pretty early but do we have an update from the product team @hillary? :slightly_smiling_face:


I sure hope not, cause it scratches all the right itches for me
So the question is where do “we” go from here - and what do netlify wanna do with netlifycms ?

Is it funding, or what does it take to make the project move forward
personllay i write 0 react code - but im an avid user of the ncms for clients & projects, i would hate to see this die on github :wink:

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Not really a fork and more of a spiritual successor. NetlifyCMS is great but it’s a huge codebase and I think part of the issue it got abandoned is that there’s too much there for an unpaid team to manage?

Either way, I’ll post here once I’m over the initial discovery part and I have something concrete to show :+1:

In the meantime Static CMS looks fantastic, probably going to switch to that!

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@creativiii why not try and pool resources with GitHub - StaticJsCMS/static-cms: A Git-based CMS for Static Site Generators ?


Hi Hillary. Have you heard anything yet? Mainly I’m curious if there is any plan to get a dev on the repository a few hours a week to review and merge PRs, or othewrise provide support.


Hi folks, thanks so much for all of your thoughtful commentary here! I have passed all of your feedback on to the Product team.

What I can share is that you can absolutely count on us to not remove the CMS from github or change the license to prevent any sort of usage. You can continue to fork the CMS to make any changes that you need.

I am sorry that I do not have further updates!


It’s very good news,

Thanks for work

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@mosesoak @mfan What limitations have you found with Netlify CMS and Gatsby v4? We’re using Netlify CMS on a large Gatsby v4.17.1 site and haven’t come across any issues yet.

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I am seconding this comment.

I just finished adding Netlify CMS to several of my repos and I was having an issue and I came across this thread and now I am quite sad. I really love Netlify and Netlify CMS. I really hope that Netlify CMS comes back into active developer. As an amateur I was drawn away from WordPress and to JAMSTACK’s speed and stability but I’ve found mostly heartache.