Is this project dead?

So little update on this. I did more research on how the CMS works and while I don’t think it’s worth re-creating the editorial workflow logic, the very basics of it are actually incredibly simple. So I’ll see how far I can actually get this proof of concept to go in the next couple of weeks :person_shrugging:

@bmatthews Have you considered moving off of Netlify and hosting those sites on V3rcel? Have a similar setup but we only pay for the Pro plan which just 20$ a month.

@creativiii I had not, but am now thanks!

So for your Pro plan, you can trigger builds on Vercel using netlifycms with any number of git contributors without extra charges?

No doubt currently Netlify is underrated but soon it is on internet with more that wordpress. This is best CMS ultra lightweight and also very speedy no need of hosting too. Best best best.

As far as I’m aware there is no limit to how many git contributors you can have, but please make sure before you jump ship!

Hey Leonardo, do I understand right that you are working on a fork? If yes, how can one join?