Post not saving due to invalid ref name

I added a new collection type to workflow, but when trying to publish I get an invalid ref name error.
Other post types work except the new one, which was copied and modified from an existing one.

This github issue is helpful but doesn鈥檛 have this error listed:

Failed to persist entry: API_ERROR: GraphQL error: "refs/heads/cms/event transcript/2022/11/2022-11-10-uswds-monthly-call-october-2022-transcript" is not a valid ref name. GraphQL error: Head sha can't be blank, Base sha can't be blank, No commits between main and cms/event transcript/2022/11/2022-11-10-uswds-monthly-call-october-2022-transcript, Head ref must be a branch

It looks related to post not saving a valid ref name.

Hey Nick!

We don鈥檛 directly support the CMS these days (in fact, even when we had staff still working actively on it, we already didn鈥檛 provide direct tech support cf Netlify Scope of Support), so I suppose your best bet would be to either check with the community support e.g. via Slack as linked here:

鈥r file a bug on the CMS repo directly: Issues 路 netlify/netlify-cms 路 GitHub

Sorry I don鈥檛 have any better news for you today, but probably better to let you know sooner than later where things stand!

Thanks for the heads up, it鈥檚 been challenging to troubleshoot and thanks for the slack link.

Hi @nick-mon1. Frankly it is unclear what the future of the project is. Many key contributers who used to offer support on the once useful resources @fool linked too have since left Netlify so it is unlikely a solution will be found there :confused: . I鈥檇 recommended looking over this thread where many CMS users express their concerns and list alternatives.

There is an active fork of Netlify CMS called Static CMS where a lot of the existing bugs and features of Netlify CMS have been addressed - I recommended you check it out!

Hope this gives you something :slightly_smiling_face: