App responsiveness works on local but not after deploy on netlify

I have recently deployed an app on netlify the buttons and increment and new game are working fine locally but after deployment, it doesn’t seem to, Please help with he same.

I have also tried redeployment.

@zamer570 The browser can’t find your index.js file:

The reference in the code is:

So it is looking here (and the file doesn’t exist):

You can download the output of your build to check what was uploaded to Netlify:

Now you just need to debug why it’s happening to you.

It is likely to either just be a minor mistake (wrong path or file in wrong folder), or related to the behavior of whatever system you’re using to build the the site.

Hi there, @zamer570 glad you found us.

First, have you looked through this resource? It is a compilation of all of our build and deploy resources. This is a good starting point.