Two different looks in local and netlify Hugo deployments


My problem is that my local app builds effectively with my configured theme file. However the one I uploaded to netlify is just different. The theme’s github repo directly overrides my app and I do not know what to do?

My index.html is definitely not like what I see on netlify, you can see my netlify from the link, and here is what I see locally.

This is a duplicate of your other post.

Please don’t post the same issue more than once.

These two problems are not the same Greg,
I know that I shouldnt post the same issue and I know that you are trying to help but.

These two problems are different. One happens after you push your own git repo without submodule and the other happens when you push with submodule.

So instead of trying to moderate me, please try to help me instead. Thank you

@solroamer The best way to help yourself is to provide clear information so volunteers such as myself don’t waste our time trying to figure out what you really mean. Your first post in the other thread implied that your page was loading with no CSS. That post also mentioned Hugo. I showed that your site was loading with CSS, and your reply was that you knew that all along.

Now you have started this thread that does not mention Hugo but does mention git.

However, you still have not provided enough information about your build process for anyone else to help you, and you are critical of me for pointing out behavior that you yourself say you know you shouldn’t do. You also say you have two problems but you don’t know what they are, so I’m wondering how you know there are two problems?

Have you downloaded your deployed files and compared them against your local files to see where the differences are? Have you eliminated local caching as a potential cause?

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