Netlify theme not working, works locally fine

Hello everyone,

However theme is not working on netlify. It works correctly on my localhost however when I try deploying it into netlify it doesn’t work.

  • I did use git submodule add so that netlify works with themes.

Also above is a screenshot from the website. It only shows pure HTML code.

Do you have any idea on how to solve this problem?

@solroamer Welcome to the Netlify community.

You may be seeing a local caching issue, because it seems to load fine for me.

What happens when you try to load your site in a new private / incognito window, or in GTMetrix?

Hi, I am also seeing this but this is not what I intended. This is a hard copy of theme website onto only “some” of my design.

I had changed many things in layout in theme directory. Now this thing seems to be getting all the things from themes github and not the thing I uplodaded.

hey there, @solroamer :wave:

Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Netlify Forums! It looks like you have two threads open discussing this same site. This current one, and also two different looks in local and Netlify Hugo deployments. I am going to close this convo so that we can streamline support to the other thread.

Thank you for understanding :slight_smile: