Site is responsive locally but not on phone

I know you guys have gotten support tickets for this same exact issue before, but ive went through as many as i saw and none of them had a fix for my issue.

Sites url is

It’s completely responsive when i go into inspect and move the resolutions around, but when i go on my phone, its messed up, the image that i had set to Display: none is showing, the page that i set to width 30svh has a different height.

Is the problem that @media doesnt work?

Thanks in advance.

The build command i used is “parcel build index.html --dist-dir ./dist”

p.s Yeah i did ask the bot for help, and i did npx serve to check if the site is responsive there, and it was.

Your website appears to work fine on my mobile device. Moreoever, Netlify doesn’t control the CSS of your website. Sounds like a local issue to me.