My site is responsive in dev tools, but not in deployment

Hello, I have tried to trouble shoot this on my own but haven’t been successful. My site is fully responsive in dev tools but not when I deploy it. The background image in section1 gets distorted and looks zoomed in. I have tried changing the background size from cover to contain, but that doesn’t fix it. I also added to my meta tag, but that didn’t work either. Can someone take a look at this site and let me know what I am doing wrong? All The Feels

I even added different sized images for each of the media queries and that didn’t work either.

@marissal Can you clarify what you’re seeing wrong on your end?

I know what section you’re talking about, but I’m not seeing anything obviously wrong.

Perhaps provide some screenshots of how it looks to you.

Those images are very large though 1.6mb for the desktop sized one.

Hi, on mobile and tablet views, the background image is zoomed in. Here’s a screenshot of it on my phone.

That’s not a Netlify issue. Please ask for help on some web-dev forums.