Account suspended and flagged

I am a front-end development student from As part of our instructions, we were told to open an account with netlify as we would be using this to deploy our applications. I clicked the link and during the registration process, I encountered multiple issues with the sign-up procedure. I initially attempted to sign in using my GitHub account, which is associated with my Gmail email address. To my dismay, I received an error indicating that there was already an email associated with my GitHub account or some vague message of that nature. As a result, I proceeded to use my Gmail email and went through the password reset process since I couldn’t recall it at the time.

Shortly after successfully resetting my password and attempting to log in, I was unjustly met with an account suspension message. The email I received stated that my account had been flagged due to potential fraudulent behavior, an accusation that I vehemently deny. I am a responsible student who is solely interested in completing my coursework and using Netlify for legitimate educational purposes. I also noticed this has happened to others from my country. Not sure if our IP or something is flagged. I suspect that this might have been a result of the devices I used for login attempts or discrimination based on my nationality. I have tried severally to reply to the emails but I have been met with automatic replies. Please help.