Zip deploy: Brotli and deletes; questions not problems


My site is pretty simple. I want to edit on laptop, zip, and deploy.
I have done tests and it worked great.
If we deploy with zip file drag and drop, does Netlify still use Brotli?
Also, what would I do if I want an old page gone?
Will it be removed when it is not part of new zip file dragged and dropped or is there some process to explicitly drop it?

Hi there,

We automatically brotli or gzip request most suitable asset types for you if the browser requests it; no additional config required or possible. This is the case for all deploy types including drag and drop.

If you want an old page gone, deploy a new copy of the site without it - we don’t show data from older deploys on your production URL.

If you want an entire old deploy or site gone - you have to delete the site. You cannot delete individual deploys. There is a site deletion card at the bottom of the general settings page for any site.