How to remove old site

I have started a new site with the same URL as the old one. How can I get the new one to be displayed instead of the old one?

Hey @gerbreown,

Would you be able to elaborate, please? What are the two Netlify site names? They shouldn’t both be the same :smile:.

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They are BOTH named The first one is what I created over year ago and I am now creating a new site with the same name so I need to clear out the old code. Where on Netlify are my files stored and how do I get access to them to delete them?


The files will be stored in your GitHub repo, as per the descriptor at the top of your site’s page here at Netlify :smile:.

When I click on your link below it takes me to: , which shows the deploys from last year. I was not able to delete them. I checked my GitHub account and do not find any repositories with that name except for the one I created on Oct 11, 2020.

I am still lost on how to delete those OLD files.


Hey @gerbreown,

Yeah, you can’t delete old deploys. What we show will be the last thing we build when you push a commit to the linked GitHub repo. You may wish to have a read about what deploys are.

If you want to delete the content we hold on the site, you’ll need to delete the site. This is because we offer atomic deploys. However, your site will go offline. If you want to do this, you should delete the DNS zone first too.

But, I think you’re trying to deploy your site. If it needs to point to a different GitHub repo, for example, you can change that here.

Thanks for your help. Followed the last link.

I have finally got it working. Now have to find a theme that I like and then create content.

Awesome, I’m glad you got it all linked up a-ok :link:!