How can I remove a repo that was deployed under my site?

Hey, my netlify site name is I deployed a react app that I learned with a udemy class, but there were errors and it was unfinished. Furthermore, it keeps failing during the build.

I removed the erroneous, unfinished repo from my Github account and pushed the finished, working code to a new repo. I want to remove the old deploy, since its not working properly, and re-deploy my new repo to a new site name, not directly to

I have no idea how to do this, new to this. Can someone help? I don’t want to delete my netlify site because I paid for the domain. Should I delete it anyone and start over? Should I create a new site name for each app I create and when I’m ready to make my portfolio, put it all under my paid domain

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @ecce0

Deleting your Netlify site won’t delete the domain.

You can remove the current site which will delete the deploy history and start from scratch, assigning your custom domain to the new site.

Alternatively you can unlink the old repository (or link a new one if you wish) under Site settings > Build & deploy > Repository

If you wanting to deploy multiple independent apps, then creating multiple sites is the way to go. You can configure subdomains on on each of these sites should you wish.

If you have any further questions or issues, don’t hesitate to reply.

Okay this helps me understand a lot in terms of what I want to do with my custom domain. I proceeded with deleting the site, not the domain, so it sounds like I’m good. Thank you for your response and help!