.www subdomain still awaiting external dns

The domain seems to work fine but when you add the www it still says Waiting for External DNS and it’s been several days now.

I thought that when you configure the domain, it should automatically configure the www subdomain as well, but doesnt seem to be happening.

The error message says ’ This site can’t be reached’. When I add DNS records with the www the error message says ‘Refused to connect’. Should I have A records with the www full site name ?

My netlify site name is empowermentvoyage.netlify.app

I’ve been through the docs so many times and I dont know what to do now.

Please advise!

What is the domain you are trying to configure?


empowermentvoyage.com is using Netlify DNS ergo you should not see a message about external DNS. What DNS records exist for www.empowermentvoyage.com in Netlify DNS?

Only empowermentvoyage.netlify.app has the www

When I added A records for www, the error message I got was that the website refused to connect.

Because you aren’t meant to add A, CNAME or other records for a domain using Netlify DNS (unless the record is pointing to an external location.)

It appears there is a hiccup in the DNS back end (possibly added to by your adding an A record.) You could (potentially) fix this by removing the domain from the site and Netlify DNS completely then re-adding it, or wait for a Netlify Support Engineer who can fix the broken records manually.

Ok Thanks! I’ll try removing it completely and trying again.