Site accessible via www. But not https://

Hi, my site is live on my custom domain and is accessible via but if I go to I get an error that site is not available.

Is there a dns record I am missing somewhere?

I have added to my host using the Alias so I believe should route correctly.


hi there, could you pop a screenshot of your domain settings, please?

@thomas159 Welcome to the Netlify community.

Have you tried setting up your DNS as recommended in the docs?

I must say I’m having the same problem (the other way around actually www works https:// doesn’t, with a different configuration. I just set the DNS servers

these are my configurations:
On netlify and on Namecheap:

(careful its an adult website)

edit contacted namecheap and they say they can reach it so it might be just a propagation issue (it has been just 24h)

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seems to have worked thanks, have to say it’s a little complicated to jump between sections and find each step to configure dns, a simple step by step would make it so much easier

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