Wrong email address in team audit log

I’ve invited a member to collaborate on my team. No problems there. When I review my teams audit logs however, it shows my own email instead of the added member. Surely, that’s not by design, is it? :slight_smile:

Invited myownemail@provider.com to collaborate as a Collaborator

by Tom Rutgers on Today at 8:29 PM

Hi, @tomrutgers. Thanks for reporting this. The root cause here is a UI bug (and not a bug in the logs themselves).

If you look at the raw audit log data returned via the API, it does include the invite email address. However, the web UI doesn’t show it and shows the actor email address instead.

We do have an open issue to fix this but if you ever need to actual invite email address, that is already being logged - it just isn’t shown.

If you look at the raw API data, there are two attributes found there: email and invited_email. The former is the actor that made the invite and the later is the email address of the person invited. The web UI should show the later but shows the former in error.

I just wanted to assure you this is an issue with displaying the logs and not an issue with the log data itself. We have the invite email address, we just are not showing it.

If the UI issue is known to be resolved, we’ll post an update here to let you know. In the meantime, if you need the actual invite email address, our support team can tell you or you can look at the raw log data to find it.

@tomrutgers, I have zero doubt that you can find the information in the raw API data. For others that do not know how to do this, please let our support team know by making a new topic on this forum. If you do so, our support team will confirm the actual invite email address for you.

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