Trying to add a collaborator. Netlify will not add him, because it claims the email address does not match

Trying to add a collaborator - Netlify does not allow the collaborator to join



This is the email address that I invited twice.
The user is getting the error "Failed to accept the invite. The invite email doesn’t match. "

I shared a screen with him and saw that the invitation was emailed to his Gmail address, and Netlify generated the effort above.
Please help with this issue.
Thank you

The better the post - the faster the answer.

Are you sure the user was logged into the correct account (that is the one with the email you invited)? The user must be logged in before accepting the invite.

The developer was able to log in.
It’s unclear why the system rejected the credentials, and then accepted them.
Thanks for your support. You can close this request.
Have a good day.

I’m pretty certain of why :slight_smile: They were logged in as a different Netlify user at the time.

But glad to hear you got it resolved!