Wrong certificate being served for deploy previews

Netlify is serving a SSL cert created by Let’s Encrypt for the primary domain of the application when someone tries to access the deploy previews with a custom URL, making it show an SSL error. Any ideas how to fix this? Shouldn’t Netlify be generating SSL certs for each domain (or a wildcard, but does Let’s Encrypt support that?)?

My setup is like that, example.com’s nameservers are hosted in CloudFlare. I’m delegating qa.example.com to Netlify’s nameservers and that’s working correctly. The primary domain for the Netlify application is app.qa.example.com (this whole application is used exclusively for QA).

The deploy previews are served at deploy-preview-123.app.qa.example.com but the SSL cert there is for app.qa.example.com so it doesn’t work.

I just set it up, so maybe there’s something that hasn’t caught up yet with the new settings? I did hit the “Renew certificate” button just in case, but it didn’t help.

Hi, before we can assist you I need to know which site is being impacted so we can investigate?

Hi @pablofernandezkoinly,

Looks like this has been answered in the helpdesk.