Works on desktop but can't connect on mobile

Hello! I have a site deployed on netlify, . It works flawlessly on desktop browsers, but there’s an issue where when trying to connect to it through mobile, it gets a connection error name not resolved.

I’m very stumped, as I have other sites hosted on the platform not having the same issue.

Hey @villageofalunsina

I see the same thing on mobile as I do on desktop: a blank screen.

That’s very odd.

This is what i see on the site

Can you show me your console?

I see that now.

And I also see the same thing on my phone.

This is really odd behavior, I have tried asking others to check the site and they’ve all reported that it’s unaccessible. I have not made any changes to the netlify config as well, deployed similar to how I did for all my other apps here.

Are you in the Philippines by any chance @villageofalunsina?

Yes I am in the Philippines, so it works on my laptop but not on my phone. It does not work both laptops and phones for the people I’ve asked to check(Also in the PH)

In that case, you (and others) are likely facing the same issue as discussed in the following thread

Ahh yeah I seem to be facing the same issue. My laptop is configured to google’s DNS so that must explain why I can access it here with no issue.

Thank you for the response, we will use a non netlify domain which will hopefully resolve the issue.

I’m curious @villageofalunsina if you can access my (uninteresting) site.

The Netlify domain is and the custom domain is Is one or the other (in)accessible, or both (in)accessible?

It’s definitely an issue with “”. I was able to access both on my laptop, but only worked on my mobile.

This indicates to me they are only blocking * domains, and not IP addresses, so if using a custom domain on your project users should have no problems accessing it.