Deployed Netlify Site Gives net::ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED when on mobile

I have a very confusing error with my web app with the domain Everything is deployed, and I can utilize the website on a desktop, but if I use the Chrome developer tools to check what the site would look like on mobile, I receive a net::ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED in my console. While I haven’t looked in the console while testing on my mobile device, I have noticed the same functional errors (forms not submitting to the backend, profile page info not showing up, etc) on mobile that I am seeing on the mobile view in desktop with the internet disconnected error. All other websites work, so I know it’s not my own internet disconnecting. I’ve attached a couple of photos to this post, and if anyone else would like to log in to check the profile page info coming through, you can use the following credentials.
password: 123456

This is the photo of the profile page after switching to mobile view with chrome dev tools

You can also see the data returning issues on the home page as on desktop listings will be returned but once you switch to mobile in chrome dev tools they will all disappear.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as I’m not seeing any errors in my logs either frontend, backend, or database that would show a different error.

This is the photo of the profile page before switching to mobile view with chrome dev tools

This is nothing to do with Netlify @dctalk1234, especially as the error is occurring on POST and GET requests to other services (termly and onrender.)

I think it is netlify related as my API (hosted at onrender) has no errors nor even recognizes a connection request from the netlify frontend when accessed through mobile or the chrome dev tools, but works perfectly fine when receiving requests from the desktop site.

Netlify doesn’t make the calls to the other services the browser viewing your site does. That’s why the error is logged in the console.

I know Netlify doesn’t make the calls. I was just trying to be clear that it is the netlify hosted frontend that has an issue and it has this issue when tested by multiple other people on different devices which is why I think it might be related to something netlify is doing and not just a specific browser or device.


I’ll quote this article on Kinsta

You’ll see this error when your browser can’t connect to a website because your device is offline or something is interfering with your connection

Thank you for the feedback. I was able to try with other browsers, and it appears that only Chrome on mobile does not work when browsing the front end (I am able to reach my backend and other services directly through Chrome without any issues). There seems to be some issue right now with mobile Chrome developer tools that is causing an internet disconnect on more than just my site. I will update this posting should anything new come up but as of now, things seem to be working again on actual mobile devices.