Wording on form submission message

When I submit a form using Netlify forms it shows the success message with a link to go back. Would it be possible to change the wording from “back to our site” to be just “back to site”?

I have a personal blog/portfolio site and the “our” phrasing sounds a bit weird. I know I can make a custom success page (which I might do anyway) but it seems like this would be a good change in general.

Sure! You should create a page with whatever wording you want, and deploy it with your site. You’d use something like action=/mythankyoupage.html in the <form> definition to show us which file to load after submission.

Then, your visitors will see it instead of our thank you page - and your version can be styled however you like and contain any wording that you like :slight_smile:

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I know I can make a custom page as I said in my original post, and since posting that I have now made one.I was making a suggestion about changing the wording on the default message.