Why do you need write permissions to my repository?

why do you need write access to my GitHub repository?
I have my project code there also

Hi, @shay.te, and welcome to our Netlify community site.

The answer is: we don’t usually require write access on a repo.

For example, the only access that the Netlify GitHub app needs is:

  • Read access to code
  • Read access to metadata
  • Read and write access to checks, commit statuses, and pull requests

This only write access above it to allow us to add notifications to commits and PRs (if you enable that feature at Netlify).

Are you using Git Gateway with Netlify CMS possibly?


If so, this is allowing updates made via the CMS to make updates to the Git repo with the person editing having direct access to your repo. Git Gateway does need write access in that configuration.

Now, if you are not using a CMS and Git Gateway, would you please tell us more about where you saw the request for write access to your repo?